Recognized as one of the best coffee by our experts with more than 20 years of profound experience, KING COFFEE Pure Black was extracted from the choicest beans Arabica & Robusta thanks to state-of-the-art technologies to give you a touch and feel to purest from of coffee.


KING COFFEE Pure Black is truly coffee-fragrant and bold, enabling you to make a fantastic cup of coffee no matter you take it black or add creamer, milk or sugar on your own style.


Take a sip of KING COFFEE Pure Black to enjoy every single moment and make your working day full of excitement.


★ 作り方 ★ 

  • Empty coffee sachet content into a cup.

    Add 60 ml of hot water (960C – 1000C).

    Stir well and ready to serve.  

ピュア・ブラック(インスタント 15袋)

  • 商品名: TNI KING COFFEE グルメ・ブレンド 500 g

    商品番号: KC1000

    内容量: 250 g

    原産国: ベトナム社会主義共和国

    内容: 焙煎挽豆(アラビカ/ロブスタ/エクセルサ/カチモール)

    定価: 1,000円 (税別)

    輸入者: KING COFFEE JAPAN (depot 株式会社) 東京都新宿区下落合3-12-19